Breakfast and brunch

All served with 2 slices of White, Granary, or gluten free toast.
Poached or Fried Eggs.

English breakfast £8.00 | Half £5
2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, beans, hash browns, toast.

Veggie Breakfast £8.00 | Half £5
2 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomato, toast.

Vegan breakfast £7.50 | Half £5
2 chick pea omelettes, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomato, toast
Bacon and Sausage Sandwich £5
Beans on Toast £5
Fries £2.70
2 slices of toast with butter and jam £3

Croissant with butter and jam (v) £3

Grilled ham and cheese croissant £5.00

Bacon sandwich £4.50

Poached or fried eggs on toast £5.50

1 poached egg on 1 piece of toast (v) £3.00

2 poached eggs on 2 pieces of toast (v) £5.20

Toasted sandwiches

Granary, White or Gluten free with Pickles

Ham and Cheese £5
Cheese and Pickle £4.50
Cheese £4.50
Vegan cheese £4.50

Cream Teas

For 1 person £6.50
For 2 people £12
Please see our board for today’s lunch special and
cake selections

Toast Pizza Menu

All baked to order in our wood fired oven on our crispy sourdough.

For take-away pizza please call 01404 598067.

Margherita (GF and Vegan option available + £1) £10
Sourdough pizza with tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, herbs
Goats cheese and roasted red pepper (GF and Vegan option available + £1) £12
Sourdough pizza with Goats cheese, roasted red pepper, cheddar, mozzarella, garlic, herbs
Italian meat feast (GF available) £13
Sourdough pizza with air dried ham, pepperoni, salami, spiced beef, tomato, mozzarella, cheddar, garlic and herbs
BBQ Chicken (GF available) £13
Sourdough pizza, BBQ Chicken, Jalapeños, tomato, cheddar, mozzarella, herbs
Garlic bread/cheesy (GF available) £5/6